As youth, there is the need to take advantage of the time we have at our disposal to train, develop and equip ourselves with the right knowledge, attitude, and behaviors required to take over the baton for the progress of our societies responsibly in the future.

To start with, it is relevant to understand what leadership is all about. The term leadership comes from the word Leader and a Leader is someone who leads a cause of action to arrive at the desired goal or an outcome (by influencing followers to accept and adopt the vision as theirs). I believe leadership is the product and actions of a leader that puts thoughts into action by instilling belief and confidence in a team of followers to a successful outcome.

The topic leadership and discipline could take a great deal of time elaborating on, yet we have to start from somewhere because it cut across various facets of our lives.

When we take a critical look at our societies, today there is a rampant lack of discipline and this is the cause of disorder in our societies. To be a leader takes time and preparation and it is not possible without discipline. We may have seen and heard of the story of great leaders like Moses and Joshua in the Bible, Mahatma Gandhi of India, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, etc. Ask them and they will tell you that it took/required a lot of sacrifice and determination, endurance, forbearance and most importantly patience to exhibit the attitude of leadership.

Today, many believe that until one is place in a high position either election or by an appointment in an Institution or Organization, they cannot assume to be leaders. Truth be told, wherever we find ourselves either on the street, home, place of work or school, leadership is required. Moreover, for us to realize that we are leaders by nature is through discipline. Do not forget, some leaders are discipline and others are indiscipline as well yet, they both have followers.

Discipline is choosing to do what is right at all times, even though it is contrary to what we naturally want to do.  For a leader to exhibit leadership skills it must start from self and that is self-discipline. It is a mind-set or better still mind management. Mind management is the best priority for an over-comer. In addition, when we discipline our minds it becomes our servants and not our master. It is good to hear the success story of great leaders but it is not enough to remain there we must put their experiences into practice to lead a change in our societies as youth who are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Indiscipline is the cause of failures everywhere in our communities, nations and the world at large. This has resulted in stealing, killing, and destruction everywhere. We are not willing to go through a season of pain today to enjoy an eternity of success tomorrow for the next generations. Mind you, the pain of discipline is now and the pain of indiscipline is tomorrow. The pain of discipline brings success tomorrow but the joy and pleasure of indiscipline is now but failure tomorrow.

Watch out for the next post. Your comments and advice are welcomed and please do share.

Published by gershon-leadershiphub

Gershon McNeal Amekou is a leader and a learner. He believes in youth movement and leadership as the drive for a total and complete overhaul of the current state of affairs in the world. Both the rich and the poor dies and goes to the grave likewise both the rich and the poor or less privilege have voice to speak.

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