Career Guidance and Counseling

Here at leadership hub, we focus on helping young adults finds meaning and understanding on their career path, be it a social entrepreneur, a farmer, Sports, politics, medicine, music and arts, we will give you the best advice necessary to achieve that dream of yours.

Workshops and Seminars

Training on the job is key to maintaining productivity. Organizational leadership is the bases for organizing trainings to keep employers and employees meet up with the trending technologies with regards to the working environment. The working environment is shifting slowly from office base to cloud base of data storage- how we adjust will keep an organization in business.

Case Studies

Case Study SDGs

Solving problems is a hallmark of a true leader. We are not a whole in ourselves but a part of the globe and this calls for a conscious effort to fight the issues of economic challenges we face as people. To add voice to the SDGs campaign, we at Leadership-hub see the need to engage the youth- the future leaders find the best solutions and practices in attaining the agenda 2030 of the Sustainable development goals.

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Case Study Corruption

From PDS scandals to Airbus scandals in Ghana are just but a few corruption cases recorded in Ghana. The unaccounted revenue from the oil monies is on the ascendancy, and the laws of the land seem to be ineffective in dealing with the political elites. We at Leadership-hub with a clear motive of nurturing discipline in the next generation of leaders see corruption as a killer disease that must be fought and defeated

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I recently visited their office and their professionalism in carrying out the worrk is top notch.

Mary Obaa-Yaa Kissi

Big ups to Gershon and his team. Your thoughts on leadership has highlighted on a different perspective when it comes to leading others. In did, leadership and discipline must go hand-in-hand.

John Jerry

Let’s build something great together.

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